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  • FRONT attachment

Olive One machine

A unique patented unit in the form of a cylindrical brush, which is directed into the olive tree and orientated between the branches for fruit removal. During the ‘brushing’ process, the flexible fingers shake in an alternating motion causing the fruit to fall from the branch. The movement of the brush on this innovative patented fruit removal head can be adjusted based on tree type and collection time, limiting loss of leaves and small branches.

To simplify the collection, the machine is equipped with radio control, "proportional" electro hydraulic movements, double articulated arms and worm screw fifth wheel.

The OLIVE ONE can be attached on rear 3 point hitch with apposite frame or, if the tractor has the cab, on the front side by rigid frame.

To optimize the harvest, CRF recommends this work system: 1 operator and 1 tractor for Olive One machine and 1 operator and 1 tractor for Net Roller Machine and Fan-Aspirator, for the rewinding of the nets and the picking up of the olives.

On request, you can have the ‘cherry picker’ basket lift, approved.

Moreover,  CRF company informs it wants to build the first interconnected olive harvester as a 4.0 device, with remote control of data transmission between machine and pc/ tablet/smartphone for veicle geolocation, production analysis and remote diagnostics.


Harvest head with flexible fingers

Harvest headwith electro-hydraulic movement and regulation of amplitude and frequency

Proportional electro-hydraulic movements of aerticulated arm

Double telescopic arm

Third articulated arm vertical rotation 210°

Vibrating shaker unithorizontal rotation 210°

Worm screw fifth wheel with 360° rotation WITHOUT lock

Oil tank with filter-drip independent, level and thermometer

Double gear pump for tractor PTO

Oil cooler with thermostat

Proportional electrohydraulic distributor with 7 components for movements of the articulated arm and of the telescopic arms

Electrohydraulic distributor for the stabilizers

Electrohydraulic distributor for removal head

Radio remote control with 2 biaxial proportional manipulators and 1 uniaxial proportional manipulator for the arm commands; comb starting switch; switch for double movement speed; emergency button; switch for frequency change; ignition button; 2 interchangeable batteries and battery charger

Bipolar electrical cable for tractor battery

Panel board

supporting frame with 3 point hitch

Max length: 8,70 m

Max height: 10,40 m

Unit length: 1,40 m

Weight 850 Kg



necessary for rear attachment


(with double joint) of the OLIVE ONE machine to tractor, to work on the ground longer than a 1 in 5 gradient


necessary for front attachment with tractor with cab


(with double joint) of the OLIVE ONE machine to tractor, to work on the ground longer than a 1 in 5 gradient with tractor with cab


for lifting of a single operator, to apply in place of a vibrating shaker unit, with the following technical characterists:

N° 3 safety sensors:

on the operator platform

on the apposite radio control compartment of the basket

on the tractor gearbox

Fork arm

Cylinder with hydraulic brake

Frame with N° 2 parking jacks to apply in front of the tractor

Hand pump for hydraulic tank

Safety harness and wire rope

Electrical system kit

Basket capacity: N° 1 operator + equipment (80+40 kg)

Maximum height: 7 m with the platform

Platform measure: 0,85x0,70 m