Net Roller machine

This useful equipment consists of a frame with an hydraulic gear motor with lever junction which moves an interchangeable roller to unroll and rewind long strips of double strength net (anti-thorn and anti-tear).

When the lever junction is released and the roller in neutral, you can unroll the first net on the ground on the outer side of the olive trees row; to unroll the second net, the empty roller must be removed and proceed as above.

Once all nets are rolled, two operators widen them up to completely cover the inter-rows.

After the collection is completed, the first net on which the olives fell must be rewinded: moving the tractor in the direction of the net, with the lever junction put in, it’s rewinded on the roll while the olive pile is moved forward. Before complete rewinding, the operator pickes up all olives and then, unrolles the net on the first uncovered row.

This system allowes the mechanical handling of long strips of net with only 1 or 2 operators.

CRF recommends applying the Net Roller machine and the Fan-Aspirator on the same tractor so that 1 operator can do more procedures: rewind the net by driving forward, suck in the olives from the net and unroll again it on the first uncovered row.


frame with 3 point hitch

roller width 1,89 m

curved disk diameter 0,9 m

ever mechanism with frontal junction for the activation or the disconnection of the hydraulic gear motor

oxbow pipe for automatic net rewind

Length 1,45 m

Width 2,46 m

Height 1,10 m

Weight (with N° 1 roller) 113 Kg


Supplementary unrolling-rewinding roller

Weight 45 Kg

Front Hydraulic lift with the features listed below:

Front frame for tractor application

Frame with adjustable heigh for Net Roller machine

Lifting cylinder

Hydraulic pipes kit