Olive two machine

The Continuous lateral harvesting machine realized from CRF, is the answer, all Italian, to the mechanical picking of the olive grove that are extensive, superextensive and most of all to the plants "similar to hedge" that looks like the saw palmetto.

Depending on the shape of the hedge, you can choose these different work system:

  • if the hedge is uniform and continuous, the machine can work singly and pick up one side at a time

  • if the hedge is discontinuous, CRF recommends the use of an interceptive trailer which moves parallel to the harvester

  • the ideal solution is represented by 2 mirror harvesters along the same row

On the basic version of this appliance, the picking group is composed with two couples of combs, one forward-facing and the other one downwards-facing, both combs can slants of 90° degrees and are attached on telescopic arms that have a 1 metre rage.
Thanks to this configuration you can work with a rage of 3,5 metres, but if you add the 5th comb (optional) on the couple front, the working range can get thought 5,30 metres.
The extreme compactness and the reduced weight, allow to the picker to move with agility on damp grounds and also work without difficulty in the super extensive olive grove.
The lateral collecting machine can pick up every typology of plants, without having dimensional bonds and without causing lesions on the plants, this in fact can provoke bacteria and fungi injuries that brings "agronomic-gestational" issues.

Moreover,  CRF company informs it wants to build the first interconnected olive harvester as a 4.0 device, with remote control of data transmission between machine and pc/ tablet/smartphone for veicle geolocation, production analysis and remote diagnostics.


OLIVE TWO , the basic model with standard equipment

OLIVE TWO CAB , with air-conditioned cab: anti solar radation tempered glasses, pneumatic seat with multifunction dotato di arm and additional work lights,

OLIVE TWO 4RS , full hydraulic steer with 3 modes of operation: 2 wheel steer, 4 wheel steer, crab

OLIVE TWO 4RS CAB , the top class, with air-conditioned cab and full hydraulic steer

Standard equipment:

Diesel engine KOLHER KDI 3404TCR (55.4 kW /74 HP@2200 RPM)

Hydrostatic transmission

4 WD

Hydraulic steering on the posterior wheels

Console equipped with joystick for movements of combs and arms

N° 4 combs with flexible fingers (CRF patended)

N° 2 telescopic arms

Interceptive c onveyor belt with automatic alignment system to follow the tree row

N° 1 branches and leaves cleaning device

N° 1 Fan-Aspiratore system, to clean and convey the crop into the bins

Work height of 3,80 m (increasable up to 5,20 m by the tilting comb)

Narrow row spacing till 3,75 m

Maximum distance between the trees on the row 3,50 m

Harvest speed: 0,8 - 2,50 Km/h


5° TILTING COMB with characteristics as afterwards:

Adjustable support

Additional frame for containment of olives

electro hydraulic system

grease system

Grease pump

Grease tank


Copper pipes Kit and hydraulic fittings