• Front Pendular picking head
  • MANUUVERABILITY: collection head displacement and inclination, tunnel opening and tank lifting
  • Double opposite set of horizontal curved rods system
  • Rear fruit tank

VP 10

The first grape harvester in the world applied to the tractor and in particular, with the front pendular picking head.

You can choose between two models:

  • rear load system, with the fruit tank applied to a rear firklift system

  • with side discharge into trailer or tank trowed on adjacent row

About the latter solution, the pendular picking head and its loader, can be appaied to the tractor as follows:

  • front

  • rear

Furthermore you can choose between two different systems for transporting the grapes:

  • system with auger and elliptical rotor pump with rear discharge through flexible tube

  • chain-disk conveyor with discharge through auger and conveyor belt (NEW)

Allcan harvest in diffucult situations, on old and narrow vineyards, with cement shaft and on high side slopes.

The particular architecture allowes a great agility to optimize and accelerate the maneuvers at the and of each row.

The entrance and the exit from the rowes, are more easy for large aperture of the collection head.

VP10 is designed and developed for small and medium wineries.

Moreover,  CRF company informs it wants to build the first interconnected grape harvester as a 4.0 device, with remote control of data transmission between machine and pc/ tablet/smartphone for veicle geolocation, production analysis and remote diagnostics.


VP 10, with Standard equipment (with rear forklift+inox tank)

VP 10 LATERAL, with side discharge of the product inside the tank-trailer pulled by another tractor on the adjacent row

Standard equipment:

“Universal” basic frame, equipped with

articulated arm

Collection head, equipped with

horizontal shaking rods

multiple-air jet deflector system


side discharge (** only for VP10 LATERAL)

Command levers system, equipped with

bi-axial joystick to move the collection head

mono-axial lever to open/close the collection tunnel

mono-axial lever for collection head longitudinal leveling

Rear basic frame, equipped with

rear forklift (* only for VP10)

inox tank 1 ton (* only for VP10)

hydraulic oil tank 100 l

oil cooler

Fruit displacement system:

Cochlea,Rotary Lobe Pumpand fexible pipe

Drag chain disc conveyor and cochlea /conveyor belt


Width = 1950 mm

Lenght = 2800 mm + tractor Lenght (for VP10)

Lenght = 1800 mm + tractor Lenght (for VP10 LATERAL)

Load height = 3000 mm (for VP10)

Maximum work slope 25%

Collection speed 2-3 km/h