The CRF Costruzioni S.r.l. is considered today one of the leader companies in the manufacture of self-propelled picker machines for the harvesting of tomatoes. From 1983 at today, thanks to the continuous use of resources in the development and planning of new systems, and thanks to the special skills of our technical staff, the company is launching into the market high quality and innovative products.

In confirmation of that, the patent of “Harvesting system with articulated elements , also defined as “collection bar”, mounted on all the modern pickers in Europe since 1984 and the important Joint Venture with a Chinese government company for the realization of the pickers destine the eastern market.

The current production also expects machine equipped with “a vibrating shaker for the harvesting of hanging fruits” (international patent) called Olive One, the Net Roller machine and the Fan-Aspirator for the traditional olive-growing and the Self-propelled OLIVE TWO for intensive and super-intensive olive-groves, winner of an award as “EIMA INTERNATIONAL MENTION 2008 during the agricultural show of Bologna; about the vegetables harvesting, two trailers, one for the “industrial” market and one for the “fresh” market; an easy onion harvester and the first hydraulic self-propelled machine for the repotting of the plants directly in the emplacements or in greenhouse of the plant nursery with remarkable saving of labour and "dead" times of manufacturing.

Furthermore, from few years ago, CRF offers an innovative grape harvester, model VP10, for small wineries.

All CFR machines are practical and easy to use: professional and techologically advanced have thought for a simple approach and above all an easy management both for the big agricultural companies and the small farmers.