Sedulio Seri – THE FOUNDER

Sedulio Seri founded the company in 1983.

CRF produces the first tomato prototype picker in 1984.

IIn the same year, the founder Sedulio Seri, realizes and patents the innovative “Harvesting system with articulated elements”, also defined as “collection bar“, which drastically improves the pickers’ working: the exceptionality of such idea is strengthened by the fact that today, on all the modern pickers, is still present this system.
In the early 2000, the eldest son Andrea joins the company and the generational collaboration between father and son, immediately represent an added value to the company.

The company phylosophy reflects the tenacious character and the creative thinking of his founder: stubbornness, professionalism and an innate brilli ance, the gifts of a great entrepreneur, a great man, my father.

Eng. Andrea Seri – Partner and manager of the tecnica office

Graduated in mechanical engineering , he join the company in the early 2000.
The synergy created by the meeting of long-standing experience, expertise and knowledge with ideas brought by younger minds gives an important imput to CRF’s corporate growth.
Thanks to the continuous use of resources in the development and planning of new systems, and thanks to the special skills of our technical staff, the company is launching into the market high quality and innovative products.
All CRF machines are practical and easy to use: professional and techologically advanced
have thought for a simple approach and above all an easy management both for the big agricultural companies and the small farmers.

An ambitious project requires experience, sacrifice, vision and a lot of passion.
"An entrepreneur is a person who sees something and has a desire to create it"

by David Karp

The Reception

One of CRF’s priorities is welcoming customers, whether when they visit our office or when they contact us by phone or email.
Courtesy, clarity and competence are some of the elements that characterize the service provided by our receptionists

The evolution of our machines

The evolution of our machines

See the interconnection by remote control and the beneficts of this technology

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Harvesting in difficult situations is now possible

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