The SMART 4.0 kit made by CRF, is an advanced interconnection system for the telematic transmission of performance, production and failures of the machine-firm system.
The system involves the use of a control panel with a touch screen display , a PLC , a Gsm card equipped with a data sim and a set of sensors for continuous monitoring of process and drive parameters.
Data communication is bidirectional: during collection, the operating machine sends working data to the Iot platform while from the app, at any time, parameters and programs can be configured and/or changed with a simple click from a smartphone, tablet or pc.
The operator on board the machine, acting on the touchscreen display equipped with a simple and intuitive graphic interface, is also in a position to set and/or change these parameters.
This remote control system makes it possible to optimize machine settings, monitor working conditions and process parameters, manage and save such data, historicized and exported as a graph or table in various formats.

From a tax point of view, this technology allows the purchasing company to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Tax credit   provided for capital goods 4.0 for with benefit of 20% of the invoiced value
  • New Sabatini with subsidized financing at an annual interest rate of 3.575 percent
  • Bonus Sud for investments in the mezzogiorno that can be cumulated with both “de minimis” aid and state aid concerning the same eligible costs

The latter benefit refers to all small businesses (including agricultural) in the Mezzogiorno, located in the regions of Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Molise, Sardinia and Abruzzo, regardless of their legal form, economic sector, size and tax regime.

Currently, CRF has applied this technology to the following products:

  • Vegetable harvesting facilitator wagon for the fresh market model CARO F
  • Vegetable harvesting facilitator wagon for the industrial market model CARO I
  • Trailed harvesting machine model VP10
  • Olive harvester machine for harvesting olives model OLIVE ONE

Such a system can also be realized for the new tomato harvester.

CRF, for the realization and development of such innovative technology, has partnered with two major companies in the industry such as Rilheva (for the IOT platform) and Alleantia.

Rilheva solves

With Rilheva’s remote monitoring of CRF’s agricultural machines, efficiency and safety are always guaranteed.
It is like being on site at all times and it is possible to manage their operation in real time.
All transmitted data are grouped and presented in a simple and readable way on a dashboard, so you always have the situation under control.
In addition, if configured, alarms can also be used to notify anomalies immediately when they occur.
This also makes it possible to offer efficient advice to the client so that they can operate at their best.

Why would you recommend it to others?

  • Why would you recommend it to others?
  • In case of an anomaly, CRF’s customer service immediately calls the customer to provide the necessary instructions to solve the problem or, if necessary, schedules service with an authorized technician.
  • To take advantage of the significant tax benefits obtainable on purchase provided by the application of this technology.
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