In the manual sorting area, a dashboard with a 7″ touchscreen , a PLC device , a GSM module with an external antenna and SIM card slot is attached; on the side belts, a series of sensors are applied for the detection of process parameters.

The wagon, during harvesting, sends the following parameters and process data:

  • instantaneous geolocation
  • belt rotation speed
  • quantity of harvested product
  • any alarm signals

The company, via the Rilheva app, sends the machine the work program to be used.
The kit allows the interconnection of the trailer as a 4.0 device, with remote control of data transmission between machine and pc/ tablet/smartphone for veicle geolocation, production analysis and remote diagnostics.
A series of sensors are applied to the machine which, depending on the quantity of collected product, increase or decrease the rotation speed of the central conveyor belt to avoid product accumulation and damage.

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