The SMART 4.0 kit allows VP10 to be interconnected as a 4.0 device , that is, with remote control for bidirectional data transmission between machine and company.
To the right of the driver’s seat, a dashboard with a 7″ touchscreen , a PLC device , a GSM module with external antenna and SIM card slot is attached; on the harvesting unit, two sensors are applied that detect The “hits” of the beater and the speed of product transfer while on the rear tank, the ultrasonic sensor determines the filling level.

During harvesting, the harvester sends the following parameters and process data:

• instantaneous geolocation
• rotation speed of the product transfer system
• frequency of beater oscillations
• quantity of harvested product
• any alarm signals

The company, via the Rilheva app, sends the work program to the machine according to the amount of product to be loaded into the tank:

a) with Program 0 you have 100% of the volume, which is about 950 kg
b) with Program 1 you have 50% of the volume, equal to about 500 kg

At its partial or total filling, the system automatically stops the operation of the beater and that of product transfer until the tank is emptied; once this has occurred, harvesting can be resumed.

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