The SMART 4.0 kit enables interconnection of the Olive One as a 4.0 device , that is, with remote control for bidirectional data transmission between machine and company.
On the upper turret, a dashboard with a 4.3-inch touchscreen , a PLC device , a GSM module with an external antenna and SIM card slot is attached; a pair of sensors that measure the pressure exerted by each support foot on the ground are attached to the machine’s stabilizers.

The docker, during harvesting, sends the following process data:

  • instantaneous geolocation
  • the 2 pressure switches ON/OFF
  • comb ON/OFF
  • radiator ON/OFF
  • radiator ON/OFF

The company, through the Rilheva app, sends the working program to the machine with a certain frequency range according to which, the comb, in its alternating rotary motion, performs harvesting:

a) with Program 0 (high working frequency, by default)
b) with Program 1 (low working frequency).

In particular, at the moment when one of the sensors detects an insufficient pressure value to ensure stability and safety, due to ground subsidence or insufficient support of the stabilizer, the automatism stops the operation of the comb.

Harvesting can be resumed, only after the machine has been properly stabilized.

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